2020 Election

The NT Election held on August 22 saw the return of the Territory Labor Government led by Chief Minister Michael Gunner. The breakdown of the Legislative Assembly is as follows:

Party Number of Seats
Territory Labor 14
Country Liberal Party 8
Territory Alliance 1
Independents 2

The COVID-19 pandemic and related economic downturn heavily impacted the narrative of the election campaign with a lot of focus given to border controls by the returned NT Government.

All major parties responded positively to our policy platform “Local Businesses, Local Jobs – our plan to revive and rebound our local Hospitality industry.”

A copy of Chief Minister Michael Gunner’s response and commitment to industry resulting from our policy platform can be accessed here: http://hospitalitynt.com.au/index.cfm?fuseaction=page&p=347&l=1&id=86

In our 2020 policy platform we called for Hospitality to be expressly recognised in the ministerial portfolios of the Northern Territory. We are please that this has now been adopted by the Chief Minister is his creation of the Minister for Tourism and Hospitality portfolio that now rests with Minister Fyles.

We have a strong working relationship with Minister Fyles and her office and welcome her appointment as Minister for Tourism and Hospitality alongside retaining portfolio responsibility of Alcohol Policy and Racing, Gaming and Licensing.

It is hoped that through a single Minister holding these portfolios the whilst the need to ensure community expectations are met in the regulated industries, a greater understanding of how red tape and draconian measures impact tourism and hospitality business viability will lead to more balanced outcomes.

Going forward we will continue to brief and advocate to all Members of the Legislative Assembly so that they are aware of the importance of our industry to the social and economic future of the Territory.

Alex Bruce