Northern Territory’s RSA Refresher Launch

Hospitality NT has launched an NT RSA Refresher course, which has been endorsed by the NT Government, through the Executive Director of Liquor Licensing, Racing and Gaming, Phillip Timney.

The RSA Refresher Course is free and available online

The RSA Refresher Course includes real-life case studies from the Territory where compliance and enforcement has been taken to make it clear what the Government’s expectations are.

The addition of a 3-year expiry on Responsible Service of Alcohol Certificates (SITHFAB002) came into effect with the new Liquor Act on 1 October 2019, with a 12-month deferral provided to workers. To date hospitality staff have had to re-do this accredited certificate, but from today can go online and do Hospitality NT’s RSA Refresher Course.

The online course takes around 20 minutes to complete. Individuals must receive 100% on the assessment and only then will receive an RSA Refresher Statement of Completion certificate.

Employers should maintain the original RSA Accredited Certificate alongside the RSA Refresher Statement of Completion Course. Staff will be able to undertake the RSA Refresher course every 3 years.

All staff working in the hospitality and tourism industry that require an accredited RSA certificate that has an expiry of 3 years. To date staff have had to renew this accreditation, but from today can now do Hospitality NT’s online RSA Refresher Course.

This refresher course has come together through a partnership between the Northern Territory Government and Hospitality NT.

Hospitality NT, Chief Executive Officer, Alex Bruce said,

“All staff working in hospitality in the NT are encouraged to check the currency of their RSA certificate and if older than 3 years, to undertake this Refresher course.

Hospitality NT undertook this project, as it is important that everybody involved in the industry understand the role that they play in delivering a responsible and vibrant hospitality industry.”