Training & Career Promotion Update

In February this year I took on the role of ‘Training Officer’ for Hospitality NT and hitting the ground running, have delivered Customer Service Training, Responsible Service of Gambling Refresher course and MVSE (Multi-Venue Self Exclusion) awareness courses to Members and the wider hospitality community.

The Customer Service Pilot program gave staff the opportunity to go through an online based industry specific training course, guided by me and venue management using the educational database ‘Typsy’.

For those of you not familiar with Typsy, it’s a national-wide hospitality industry training platform that has over 700 courses on it. Normally businesses subscribe, but under this Pilot, Hospitality NT covers the costs of the subscription, so that it is free for the venue and their staff to use.

Typsy is all online, with a library of videos, teaching simple things like customer service basics, right up to sommelier wine courses and everything in between. The courses are created by hospitality professionals, so it’s fast, fun and on-the-go learning.

Through the work I have done tailoring Typsy courses for staff, the aim is to educate, develop skill sets and to satisfy basic training for new staff members. The Customer Service Pilot is primarily aimed at entry level staff to give initial confidence to perform their jobs through a very busy dry season; but has also been used by local staff to develop already established skills and re-educate updated techniques and practices, which has been great to see.

Hospitality NT’s Multi-Venue Self Exclusion (MVSE) training is being rolled out NT wide, with the aim of educating gambling venue staff on the online system. The online system is at the moment running concurrent with the old paper-based Self Exclusion system.

Research from other jurisdictions have shown the online MVSE  is more efficient and effective in helping problem gamblers exclude themselves from gambling areas or the entire licensed premise and seek assistance from support services. The MVSE Training I deliver for this seeks to create awareness of the MVSE, as well as give staff, in particularly Community Liaison Officers (CLO’s) the knowledge of facilitating MVSE Deeds.

The MVSE training can be coupled with Hospitality NT’s RSG Refresher training , which was recently approved by Licensing NT to comply with the annual training requirement (as per the Code of Practice).

The Responsible Service of Gambling training focuses on the NT’s Code of Practice, and information that staff employed in licensed venues with gaming should know, particularly the harm minimisation initiatives.

Together with the MVSE training, our goal is to have venues and their staff complying with their obligations under the Code of Practice, as well as become comfortable and confident in their role and responsibilities, and able to guide any potential member of the public through self-exclusion if required. So far we have had great uptake, with over 100 staff having received this face-to-face training, with more completing the course every week.

Career Promotion

Another part of my role is the promotion of hospitality careers and training to a wide variety of people, but with a focus on students.

On 21st May I travelled down the Katherine for a ‘Lunchtime Careers’ Expo at the Katherine High School, as part of National Careers Week. I spoke to many students, from years 7 to 12 about the hospitality industry, what sort of jobs and careers are available and how they can connect with employers.

Hospitality NT also participated in the NT Government’s recent Hospitality and Tourism Career Fairs, which sought to connect employers looking for work with prospective local students, international students and job seekers.

Hospitality NT CEO, Alex Bruce attended the Grand Opening of the Palmerston Youth Skills Centre, which is an amazing purpose-built facility offering Certificate I Hospitality and Certificate II in Kitchen Operations. The Centre is building up their student numbers from youth in the Palmerston area, Top End School of Flexible Learning (TESOFL), Youthworx, Taminmin College and other Palmerston Schools.

Many in the industry will know the Hospitality Trainer, Lorraine Kerrigan, who has over 30 years’ experience in hospitality, 12 of them in Darwin. Lorraine is very passionate about training and also providing real job pathways for her students, which Hospitality NT will assist her with.  We encourage Members to go and check out this Centre and make them and their venue known to Lorraine and her students, in order to connect students with jobs.

Leah Waddington